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Republic of Moldova

President Maia Sandu met with Paul Grod, President of the World Congress of Ukrainians

Today, the head of state had a meeting with Paul Grod, the President of the World Congress of Ukrainians, an organization that represents the interests of over 20 million Ukrainians in the diaspora. The discussions were about the war in the neighbouring country, about regional stability and Moldova's role in maintaining it, and about the Ukrainians who found refuge in the Republic of Moldova.

Our country remains committed to supporting refugees from Ukraine and offers temporary protection on the European Union model, which ensures integration into the labour field, access to health and social assistance services, and integration of Ukrainian children into the education system. The interlocutors also spoke about the importance of the involvement of the two diasporas in the development of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, by attracting talent, investments and mobilizing political support in the host countries.

Finally, the President reconfirmed that our country will continue close cooperation with Ukraine on the common path of joining the European Union.