Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Nicolae Timofti: “Let’s bring European values to our homes”

President of the Republic of Moldova Nicolae Timofti delivered today, 3 November current year, at the Pro Europe meeting, organized on the Great National Assembly Square, the following speech:

„Dear fellow citizens,

I came to this event as a simple citizen. When it comes to the fate of the country and the people, then not the functions are important, but the inner force of putting the shoulder to the achievement of a noble cause. I came to be together with you and to support a national idea – the European cause of the Republic of Moldova.

Over the past 25 years, we have gathered here, on the Great National Assembly Square, at crossroad moments. Here we have expressed our will to be free and to build our future by ourselves. Here we decided that our language to be written and read by us, too, in Latin script.

Today, we met again to reinforce the vow we made in the early years of the national liberation movement that the Republic of Moldova is a country with a European destiny.

We need confidence and patience in any painstaking work. When we plant a tree we do not expect the fruits overnight, but we care for it as good as we can and we need to have patience. This is the case to proceed with our European project, too. During the last two decades we have wasted enough time on experiments and illusions. But we can no more oscillate between two directions, because we have seen that this has harmed us.

Even if we are not fully satisfied with what we currently have, we have to believe in our opportunity and in our star. We have sufficient examples of nations that have risen from the ashes, like the post-war Germany, Romania or Portugal, which are more familiar to us.

European integration is a chance to rebuild our economy, improve people’s quality of life and to build a society that has a sense and a vision. It is about our collective and personal security, the free movement of people and goods. It is about our country’s modernization and civilization.

Each of us should start from himself/herself, from our house and our street, in order to bring European values at our homes. Values which are not alien to us, but which we have forgotten or neglected. Let us get rid of the problems that do not let us move further: corruption at all levels, disorder and other vices that we still face in state institutions and in everyday life. We should not accept trespass, which is dangerous for our future.

We need therefore a consolidated effort of all of us. We need to get involved in numerous modernization projects launched in various areas with the support of Western partners and friends.

Over 3 weeks in Vilnius, we will get a new signal of confidence from the European Union and we will have to work harder and with more confidence to align to the EU living standards.

The interest of the international community and the interest of all of us is that Moldova to become a prosperous, stable and democratic country. I am convinced that we have the power to accomplish this mission, for us and for the future generations.

Moldova belongs to Europe! Come, Moldova, let’s go to Europe!”