Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

RESOLUTION of the „European Moldova” Assembly, adopted on the Great National Assembly Square

We, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, gathered on 21 May 2023 on the Great National Assembly Square, at a decisive moment for the country's fate, in order to affirm the Republic of Moldova's aspiration to become a full member of the European Union and to contribute to this objective taking in consideration that we are European, both historically, geographically, culturally, as well as through the fundamental values we share.

The indisputable right to guarantee a European, democratic, free and prosperous future for the Republic of Moldova belongs to the people of the Republic of Moldova.

The only way to bring stability to our country in the face of challenges and the only chance for the Republic of Moldova to develop and to allow future generations to achieve its potential, accumulate welfare, modernize the country and lead a fulfilling life is to join the European Union. In this regard, we adopt the following Resolution:

We, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, ask today the entire political class, parties and politicians and all those who will decide the fate of the country in the future:

  1. To amend the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova to establish the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union as irreversible and definitive. This common aspiration of the citizens must be fulfilled by all political actors in the Republic of Moldova.

  1. To ensure, as soon as possible, the opening of the accession negotiations and to strengthen the state institutions in order to guarantee the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union.

  1. To ensure a quick transposition of European legislation by involving experts from countries that have recently gone through the same accession stages, in particular experts from Romania. To prepare for the EU accession process, public servants, mayors, the academia, entrepreneurs with the objective to increase the absorption capacity of European funds, and to fully take advantage of the accession process benefits to modernize the country.

  1. To expand the international context of the negotiations for a peaceful, definitive resolution of the Transnistrian conflict, as well as to have the EU accession process as a catalyst to increase Moldovan citizens' standards of living and welfare in the reintegrated Transnistrian region. 

  1. To join their efforts to improve the citizens’ quality of life and raise the living standards to European standards, as well as to modernize regions so that all citizens have access to quality services and utilities like at the European level.

  1. To ensure the interconnection of all infrastructure systems to the European market - electric, natural gas transport, road, railway, communications - to exclude any type of blackmailing and ensure the independence of the Republic of Moldova so it can develop freely and without constraints.

  1. To resolutely condemn the illegal and inhumane war started by Russia in Ukraine, a war which undermines the stability and seriously affects the entire region, including the Republic of Moldova, and to take a clear position against the people who started the war, those declared war criminals by international institutions and those who support the war and participate in the destabilization of the situation in the region and in our country.

Considering the desire of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova to transform their country on its European path, we call on the European Union’s institutions to continue supporting our country and to accept the Republic of Moldova in the European family once complying with the accession conditionalities. Joining the European Union is the path firmly chosen by the Republic of Moldova.