Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova


Dear Presidents and Prime Ministers,

Dear colleagues, 

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is a pleasure and an honour to be hosting so many of you here today in Moldova amidst the serene surroundings of Castel Mimi. Its peace and tranquillity are a sharp contrast to the violent war that’s being fought just over our border. The biggest war on our continent since World War II. A war of choice launched by Russia. A war that brings us all together in our strong desire to restore peace on our continent. 

Our decision to gather here today, at the second summit of the European Political Community, just 20 km from the border with Ukraine, is a clear expression of our solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Ukrainians are fighting for freedom, European values and the future of our continent.

Today, I am particularly honoured to welcome President Zelenskyy, who has led the people of Ukraine in this fight, and I am proud to stand alongside him here today.

Moldovans, like our fellow Europeans, have shown solidarity with our neighbours, welcoming them in our homes. But more needs to be done. This summit provides the platform to find solutions that we can all commit to in order to bring back peace, address the consequences of war, and protect Europe. 

Dear colleagues,

This second summit of the European Political Community is a clear expression of our unity, strength and determination to act together as a single family. A family that sticks together, a family that works together to address common issues. A single European family where states from inside and outside the European Union act together to dissuade aggression and consolidate peace on the continent.

Over the next few hours we plan to have a strategic conversation on how to strengthen the security of our continent and address the consequences of  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We will also look for ways to address the energy and climate crises. We all need to move towards a cleaner and more secure pan-European energy system. We all need to accelerate the energy transition, diversify our energy supplies and better protect our critical infrastructure and electricity grids. We all have a strong interest in improving connectivity among our countries.

The importance of finding and committing to common solutions becomes very clear as soon as we think of what’s at stake here if we don’t do it. What’s at stake for Europe, for the international rules-based order, for our citizens?

We cannot accept that principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity do not matter any more. We cannot accept that our citizens transform into refugees overnight, as another country decides to invade a neighbour. We cannot tell our people and local businesses that we have no certainty on energy supply.

All of us have the right and the ability to shape our own destinies. For Moldova, that means being part of the free world, playing an active part in the European Political Community, joining the European Union and working together to build a stronger Europe.

Over the last year, we showed tremendous strength, resilience, and solidarity. But we can do so much more together. The EPC can grow into a key platform for pan-European action. For security. For peace. For Europe.