Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president to hold office until citizens elect new president

President Timofti said he would hold office until the appointment of a newly-elected president.

The statement is the result of information spread in the media on a possible resignation of the president after the parliamentary elections due on 30 November.

On this topic, the Moldovan presidency deems it necessary to declare the following:

“Under the constitutional norms, a vacancy of the Presidency of Moldova occurs in case of expiry of the mandate, dismissal, resignation, incapacity to fulfil duties or death.

Thus, the presidential term lasts four years and is exercised starting from the date of swearing in office, and Mr. Nicolae Timofti took oath on 23 March 2012. The effective exercise of the mandate lasts until the newly elected president is sworn in office.

President Nicolae Timofti considers that the president’s premature resignation would result in a state of political instability and damage Moldova’s European course.

Therefore, President Nicolae Timofti says he would hold the office until the a newly elected is sworn.

The president calls for the state institutions and political forces to focus on the smooth running of parliamentary elections."