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Republic of Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti delivers speech on National Day of Romania

President Nicolae Timofti participated in events dedicated to the National Day of Romania in Bucharest on 1 December.

Timofti delivered a speech on the celebration of National Unity of Romanians at a reception given by Romanian President Traian Basescu at the Cotroceni Palace.

The speech reads:

“Your excellence, Mr. President Traian Basescu,.

Senators, MPs and ministers,.

Your excellences, Ladies and Gentlemen Ambassadors,.

Honorable audience,.

I wholeheartedly congratulate Romania and all Romanians on the occasion of the National Day from the part of Moldova.

I am glad to be in Bucharest on this occasion, and I thank President Basescu for his invitation. Here I fully felt the spirit of the Romanian national holiday. At the today’s military parade, at the Triumph Arch, I felt Romania’s mental and military strength, as part of a United Europe.

Few days ago, in Vilnius, Moldova made an important step on the European integration path by initialing the association agreement with the EU.

Our will is to firmly advance in this way that Romania and other member states of the EU area have developed.

We hope to become as soon as possible part of the European area in order to enjoy and share the same democratic, economic and free movement rights and values.

Ambassadors of the EU states, I thank you for the support and the confidence you provide to my country to this end.

Mr. President Traian Basescu, I emphasise once again the gratitude Moldova has to Romania for the dedication and consistency you have advocated the cause of my country.

It is obvious that Moldova belongs to the European civilization. The EU standards are taken over and adjusted naturally by our institutions and by entire Moldovan society.

Moldova is part of the European culture and of course, of the Romanian one. As witness in this respect are our joint classics: Eminescu, Creangă, Alecsandri, Sadoveanu and others. We speak the same language, we have the same feeling and we lived the same tumultuous history.

I wish Romanians from Romania and from everywhere have the power to confidently look to the future, have accomplishments they are dreaming of and keep the spirit they took over from their ancestors. “.