Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

International cooperation for Moldova security strategy

On Tuesday, June 23, The Commission for the elaboration of a new National Security Strategy, established by the presidential Decree nr. 1552 from 6 of May, held a session.

A group of experts from the European Centre for Security Studies "George C. Marshall" (Germany) and the “Centre for Conflict Prevention and Early Warning” (Romania) has participated at the meeting.

International experts that were involved in the elaboration of a similar document in Romania, Sweden, Albania and Georgia will provide methodological support to our Security Strategy.

The participants pointed out the necessity of the permanent dialogues with the civil society and mass media, for assuring their involvement in the Commissions activity.

During the session was also examined the activity program of the Commission and experts assisting the document achievement.

The Commission will elaborate the draft of the Strategy and the Action Plan for its implementation and will present it to the Moldova’s president, Nicolae Timofti until October 1, 2015.