Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president conveys congratulatory message on Christmas

The message reads:

„Dear fellow countrymen,.

In these moments, when all of us are seized by the thrill of the winter holidays and carol singers announce Jesus’ birth at the windows of the householders, I want to address you my best thoughts, along with wishes of health, love and gratitude.

Let us enjoy the Christ’s Birth at the church and at home. While observing the tradition, the grandparents, parents and children will gather around the Christmas tree to share presents and celebrate Christmas. The old times’ carols, lively sung by young people dressed in national costumes, will complete the magic holiday atmosphere. It is important to preserve these beautiful traditions for our unity and endurance as nation.

Even though, over the past period, the trade aspect of the holiday has been prevailing, let’s take the time to think over the spiritual significance of the Jesus Christ’s Birth. Faith, love, hope and forgiveness are Christian values which give sense to the life and give us the force to follow the path of salvation.

The parliament has recently established by law the Christmas holiday both on 25 December, according to the Gregorian calendar, and on 7 January, in line with the Julian calendar. The MPs adopted a wise decision, in the spirit of democracy, tolerance and freedom of belief. Regardless of the calendar, Christmas is a heartedly holiday, which we will celebrate together with the great family of the nations from Europe, of which the integral part we are.

I am firmly sure that Moldova’s integration into the European Union will allow us developing a democratic and prosperous society, a better future for our children and grandchildren. The values, competence and solidarity will be the cornerstones of the victory on this way.

We will celebrate the Birth of Christ with hope and faith. May this holiday open our souls to help those suffering and thank those who deserve respect, help us keep the hope into a better future and give us power to fulfil our aspirations.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, with peace in your souls, together with your beloved!”.